A stitch of love.

Love, Rosie. Lily Collins, Sam Claflin
A string of unspoken words,

A series of observed actions,
With a yarn of trust and belief,
You knot it there slowly,
Seeping through the pores of my skin,
A step further,
It goes deeper than it has already been.
Patterns of your emotions hemmed onto my heart,
Your stitch of love sewn on me like a piece of art.
Incandescent and iridescent,
I fathom all shades of your love,
Embroidered with lust,
Sequined with warmth.
Unshaken and undispersed,
You go on with your work,
While I stand mesmerized,
To the enigma you make me look.
I feel empowered,
With your stitches all on me,
For your love, it seamlessly bound
Every broken part of me.

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