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Picture Courtest: Pinterest.

I stood at the end of the ledge,
Staring straight into the devil’s eye.
Shades of blue in my limited expanse of sight,
I held my breath and took the plunge
Free falling away like a trapeze artist at ease
My feet looped in only to the threads of gravity.
Whispering sweet nothings to the air,
I coo through the dive,
I feel a lot of something – a something unpinpointed.
It’s like you’re watching yourself jump in,
The astral projection kind.
A rush of euphoria attacking me.
I know this time, I’m not afraid.
No strings attached, I feel it cutting through.
A feeling of a prolonged sickness now gone,
I feel alive in a long time.
I hit the waters and numbness takes over me,
As I let myself in deep.
I do not struggle, I do not thrash around,
I choose to go with the flow.
I hit rock bottom and then I spring up,
I resurface the waters,
I float around in the big blue sea
And I’m now washed away to the shores.
A refreshing feeling like chugging sips of coffee
On an early morning runs through me,
A spark of joy akin to wandering through
the passage of words in a poem is what I feel.
I let my feet sink in the sand and then I trudge ahead,
My footsteps feeling like a part of Marauder’s map,
I aimlessly walk through.
I take a deep breath and let it out whole,
It’s in the blues I find my peace,
For it’s quite the first in a while,
That I finally feel free.

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