The Sound of Black and White, Encaustic, 18 by 11 inches

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Ropes of responsibility, strings of stress,
Coiled around you, now intertwined,
There are cuts on your skin,
There are clots in your blood,
Oh dear, how you wish to let loose!
You try to trudge ahead,
The weights of all the ropes on you,
Every step, you’re crumbling,
Yet you choose to move forth.
You come to a crossroad,
A myriad flickering all green, amber and red,
The air not breathable anymore,
The chaos encroaching, seemingly closing in on you.
Stories of a happy ending,
They seem to be a common folklore.
Your world now runs in monochrome,
The zebra crossing and the piano keys,
Black and White goes overpowering the coloured.
Butter fingers on the black and white keys,
A symphony unleashed, a sonata overpowering.
Vagabond, to the rest, the composition of the ballads travel,
To you, they hit straight home.
Every note she plays, not a tune she strays,
A memory replays itself, a fear vanquishes itself.
Mighty and strong you’ve stayed,
Every struggle through, your Kintsugi you made,
For every key she hit, broken bridges you crossed.
The signal, now, plain green, did you know?
You’d always manifested your ikigai.

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